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I have mixed feelings on the whole awards concept, but I do enjoy a chance to nominate and recognize some of the blogs I read on a regular basis.  Sadly, there aren't categories that I would like (best high school teacher - "Stop Trying to Inspire Me" or best kinder teacher "Look At My Happy Rainbow") and there are some categories that are almost worthless to me.

Best individual blog:
Science Teacher - If there is a Doyle fan club, Nash and I will have to arm wrestle for who gets to be president. 

Best individual tweeter:
@jerridkruse for his fresh quasi-Luddite perspective

Best group blog
Cooperative Catalyst - I feel like this is a true example of what happens when a group of people choose to write together and comment on one another's work as well.  It's thoughtful, provocative and has a real range when it comes to voice.

Best new blog
Comments4kids - One of the smartest ways to organize student comments on a grassroots level. 

Best class blog
Swimming Under Icebergs - A multimedia, constructivist, student-centered blog.  Every once in awhile, I have my class read their blog posts.

Best resource sharing blog
Joe Bower - I know that sounds a bit strange, because it's not a "ten zippy things that will change your teaching career" blog, but he shares tons of resources and perspectives on authentic, constructivist education.

Most influential blog post
Jabiz Raisdana's post "There Is Nothing in the Internet That Is Not In Your Heart" struck a chord with many readers who recognized that the hysteria over the internet is a bit insane.

Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion

Best teacher blog
Mrs. Love's Blog-0-Rama - thoughtful, practical, personal and well-written.  I really enjoy this blog and read it regularly.   (Incidentally, this was hard, because I wanted to nominate many others for this one)

Best educational wiki
Wikistange: To me, this is what a wiki should be all about - students sharing, posting, commenting.  It's an ever-evolving picture of Alan's classroom.

Best educational podcast
"With Learning in Mind" is a great, conversational podcast by Russ Goerend and Matt Townsley.

Best educational webinar series
The Reform Symposium - one of the few "virtual conferences" that I paid much attention to.  I really enjoyed it.

Best educational use of a social network

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