I'll let Natalie Merchant say it best -- a hundred times over

Dear Readers,

Sometimes on a real hard day when my ideas feel a little too crazy and this vocation feels a little too lonely, the feedback I get from readers makes all the difference.  Although I'm skeptical about the notion of "online community," it often feels like a community.  I've met some of you in person.  I've met others through blogging.  However, regardless of the interactions, I appreciate the way you have listened, questioned, commented and pushed my thinking.  Thanks.

As a small token of appreciation, I'm selling all of my books on Kindle for a dollar. Click below for a link:

If you've enjoyed any of the books, it would mean a lot if you offered some feedback by either an e-mail or a review on Amazon.com.



  1. Wow! I actually already own all but Pencil Me In, but now I have it, too. This is very generous, John. I know I owe you a couple of reviews. I'll add them to my to-do list. I'm still working my way through Sustainable. I'm trying to take my time and let the ideas simmer as I reflect. (I'm also having to tackle several other books simultaneously.) I'll try to get a post out soon and copy it to Amazon. Best regards-

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Philip. You don't owe anything, either. Your feedback has been awesome.

  3. Bought the ones I didn't already have. I will be sharing them with my wife and oldest two daughters that want to teach. #Youdaman

  4. I regret that I downloaded Sustainable and Drawn a while ago and still have to read them. But once I do I'll be sure to post a review.

    I'll be sure to use the word innovative ;)

  5. Dear William,
    Thanks a bunch! Thanks for tweeting about it, too!

    Dear Tom,
    No worries. I think Drawn is a better read (especially since you're not a new teacher). Re: Innovative :) You're awesome.

  6. John, you write with a refreshing honesty and deepness of thought. Thank you! Keep going, you ARE appreciated!
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. I just went to the link but the price is different($3.45). I wonder if there is a different policy for people abroad which isn't fair. I am going to buy one but I'd love to buy more.

  8. Wow, that's awful. It's showing as a dollar here and it should be converting correctly. I'd wait awhile longer and check back in a few days.

  9. I'm taking an online ACE Learning and Technology course and as part of the assignment, we needed to make a blog roll. So I went looking today for blogs that instructed, entertained, honestly spoke truth about teaching. Well done John. I appreciate what you are doing here.


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