1. Divergent thinking... or how many ways can you use a paper clip? A study of 1000 Kindergarteners was published in the book Breakpoint and Beyond... 98% test at the genius level for divergent thinking. (If you geek out on Ken Robinson like me, you might already know this)

    I thought this watching children on playground equipment when I was in Pre-K before teaching art... specifically how they use a slide. After children slide down a slide once or twice-- forward, feet first-- they stop, possibly forever.

    Then they climb up the slide. Slide down on their feet or their stomach. Pour rocks down the slide. Roll trucks up the slide. Climb up the sides without the ladder. Turn the slide into a roof for a fort. Whatever.

    The most amusing part is the adult reactions to this... wincing and stress. How many times have we heard the phrase:

    "No Sally, that's not how we use that."

    1. Sadly, I'm still learning not to wince - with my students and with my kids at home.

    2. ...a comment so good, I added you to my feed reader without even skimming your posts first.

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