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John Spencer

I do not claim to be an educational rockstar. (Probably a good thing, because I would be trashing hotel rooms and demanding that the administrators take out the green M&Ms from the staff lounge candy bowl.)  However, I enjoy sharing my story and my insights on through books, blogs, videos, social media, workshops or keynote presentations. My desire is to engage in an authentic dialogue about meaningful learning for all students.

I contribute to the Cooperative Catalyst and Stories from AZ blogs and I write a column for Kappan Magazine. I've written five books, including: Pencil Me In, an allegory for educational technology; Teaching Unmasked, about the impact paradox; Sages and Lunatics, a memoir and critique on factory education; and A Sustainable Start, a realistic look at the first year of teaching.

I am currently a sixth-grade ELL teacher in an urban, Title One School. I will be piloting a classroom with a blended one-to-one approach of Chromebooks, Kindle Fires and iPod Touches. Throughout my career, I have worked with students in doing community service, painting murals, and filming documentaries. I continue to pursue these on my journey toward a constructivist, personalized learning experience in my classroom.

Main Blog: Education Rethink
Twitter: @edrethink  

Chad Segersten

I am the Director of Instructional Technology in an urban district of 18,000 students.  My career has been a wonderful journey of growth from my first 5th grade class through my time as a kindergarten teacher, then into leadership roles as a Mentor teacher, Asst. Principal, Asst. Dir. of Math and Science to my current role.  It has been a privilege to learn from those around me on a daily basis including teachers, administrators and especially students.

I have led professional development from Mental Math Strategies to iPad/iPod integration from the ground up.  

My good nature and fun approach to learning is seen in the workshops, keynotes, consulting opportunities I offer.  I seek to be a learner myself and am constantly changing to meet the needs of fellow learners I am surrounded by. 

Main Blog: Education Rethink
Twitter  @edutech83
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